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Use Discharge Inks

::Water Base / Discharge::
Printing on Light Garments
Printing on Dark Garments
Advantages vs. Disadvantages

For Super Soft Prints or Vintage Designs

:: Soft Prints "Fabric Like" feel to the touch
:: Print over Seams and Uneven Surfaces
:: Eco-Friendly products
:: Excellent for Infant and Toddler Apparel
:: Fashionable look and style, adds Value!

When to use Discharge Inks?
  • ONLY when printing Dark or Black Garments (100% Cotton)
  • Distressed Prints
  • Vintage Prints
  • Printing Over Seams or uneven surfaces
DISCHARGING, is a process used only on dark or black garments only. This process works by adding a Discharge agent to either water base or plastisol inks.

The discharge additive acts as a "bleaching" agent. So when the ink is printed on a dyed garment, in one single step during the cure process, the discharge agent bleaches the garment area, leaving the new ink color on the shirt fibers.

The advantage to this process is it allows you to print colors on a dark shirt, without using a white base, reducing the thickness, and ultimately the feel of the print, achieving a fashionable soft hand print.

For the best results it is recommended to use 100% cotton garments ONLY, we have performed this technique on blended garments, however the results are very inconsitent and color control and intensity is greatly reduced.

:: Important Notes to Consider

Garment Color plays a big role in the final color results. For example red and blue garments are particularly strong dyes, and often can overpower the discharge, altering the final color dramatically.

For example a red shirt that is discharged white, can potentially appear "pinkish" rather than a natrual white.

Garment Manufacturer also can affect your final results. For example if your discharge design is printed on black shirts from American Apparel, Gildan and AAA on the same run, it is very likely that the final ink colors may vary from each shirt, on one brand the colors may be bright and crisp, and on another brand they may appear dull, or muted.

The reason is all manufacturers have there own dye formulations, and one mills dye, may be stronger than others. Another factor is that many brands perform a process called "over-dying". This process can greatly affect your desired discharge colors.

:: How is Discharge different from Water Base Inks?

Water Base and Discharge are the "Ying and Yang" of soft hand printing.
Water Base inks should be used only on white or light garments, and almost never on black or dark colored shirts.

Discharge inks on the other hand should be used exclusively on Black or dark colored shirts, and almost never on a white or light colored shirt.

Another stark contrast is that water base inks are eco-friendly and discharge inks are not, so if printing on youth or toddler apparel, or have eco-friendly requirements, do not use discharge inks.


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