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Use Water Base & Discharge

::Water Base / Discharge::
Printing on Light Garments
Printing on Dark Garments
Advantages vs. Disadvantages

For Super Soft Prints or Vintage Designs

:: Soft Prints "Fabric Like" feel to the touch
:: Print over Seams and Uneven Surfaces
:: Eco-Friendly products
:: Excellent for Infant and Toddler Apparel
:: Fashionable look and style, adds Value!

Although this application has its benefits, there are design elements that are sacrificed for the soft hand application. Opacity with water base inks is Extemely LOW, so this ink can only be used on light and white garments.

Also do to the low opacity, color brilliance is reduced. For example, bright reds, or blues that stay bright with plastisol inks, are a shade duller with water base inks.

Water base inks are much more tempermental, increasing the risk of damaged or scrapped shirts, so garments should be added to your order to ensure an adequate final count.

The printing time is also increased due to longer set up and cure times, which makes the cost slightly higher than standard plastisol.

Discharge inks are a very close relative and often mistaken for water base. This is because they both are used to achieve a soft hand print. Which should you use? Garment color and fabric type, are the determining factors as to which type of ink should be used.

If you are printing White or light colored garments, click here to learn more

If you are printing Black or Dark colored garments, click here to learn more

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