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Add a New Dimension with Foil!

Advantages of Foiling ::

  • Super shiny appearance, nothing creates greater brilliance.
  • Will stick only to plastisol printed areas giving the designer unique capabilities.
  • Clear foil can be pressed over any plastisol color to make it extra shiny.
  • Eye catching custom look.
  • Can be applied to any color shirt and will always be at 100% opacity.

How Foil Works ::

Foil is a Post Print Application using a heat press to apply the Foil material to the desired print area. Foil material comes in Rolls and is cut down to sheets for the appropriate size of the Foiled area. Any area that Plastisol ink is present on the shirt is where the Foil will stick.

When additional colors are required with a design containing Foil, the additional colors must be printed with a water base ink. These types of ink are resistant to the Foil and will not stick to it. The result is a multi color design, with specific areas of Foil, creating a Bright, Shiny Finish. No other garment application creates a brighter shine than Foil.

How to Design For Foil ::

When used properly Foil can greatly enhance the appearance and value of your garment. When designing with foil in mind, consider these helpful tips: Size, Detail, and Garment Type.

  1. Size of Foiled Area is something that should be considered since the cost for Foiling is related to the overall size of the Foiled area.

    The bigger the area, the greater the cost.

    Each foil location must fit within a 16" x 16" area.

    Designs requiring bigger areas can be done, however it would be considered a second Foil location.
  2. Amount of Detail for the Foiled Area must be looked at closely, keep in mind that the ink is pressed after print, in doing this, it may slightly, "smash" the image, possibly closing up small gaps in small text or fine lines, that are close together. Also gradients and small dots are not suggested for foiling, insufficient amounts of ink will not allow the foil to properly adhere.
  3. Garment Type is a factor on Foil Designs that have multiple Ink Colors. Consideration must be given to the Fabric content of the garment. Reason being that finished colors that are not Foiled must be printed with water base ink, and if printed on a dark garment, it would require Discharge Water Base inks. Doing this creates the following variations:

    Synthetic materials and synthetic blends do not discharge well, if at all.

    If Printing on Multiple Shirt Colors, the final discharged print colors may vary from shirt color to shirt color. This is another characteristic of Discharge and Water Base Inks.

For more about Water Base and Discharge Inks

How To Care for Foiled Garments ::

Foil shirts should be washed inside out in cold water, and Flat Dried, to preserve brilliance. Compared to metallic inks, foil holds up comparably, if not better, when cared for properly.

Production Disclaimers ::

The shine of foil will wear off after repeated washing and drying. Some variance in edge quality, sharpness, and shine is uncontrollable with foil. Small detailed areas such as small lettering, thin lines, or half tones are not ideal for Foil. There is a higher risk of damaged goods which should be incorporated into the ordering.


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