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Advantages vs. Disadvantages

::Plastisol Inks::
Printing on Light Garments
Printing on Dark Garments
Advantages vs. Disadvantages

The Most Preferred Ink to Screen Print T-Shirts.

:: Vibrant, Long Lasting Colors
:: Precise PMS Color Matching Capabilities
:: Excellent Opacity and Ink Density
:: Versatile for all Fabric Types and Textures
:: Special Effect Capabilities

ADVANTAGES with Plastisol Ink:
  • Extremely opaque producing "true" colors
  • Strong Durabilty and washability
  • Brilliant colors
  • Accurate PMS matching
  • Good with special effects
  • Sharp detail for photo prints, small text, and fine lines
  • Easy clean up and management

DIS-ADVANTAGES with Plastisol Ink:

  • Dark garments may require a white base, creating a
    thicker print, and heavier hand to the touch.
  • Does not print well over seams, or uneven surfaces, it creates
    build up and uneven ink distribution.