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Discharge & Water Base Inks

::Water Base / Discharge::
Printing on Light Garments
Printing on Dark Garments
Advantages vs. Disadvantages

For Super Soft Prints or VintageDesigns

:: Soft Prints Fabric Like feel to the touch
::Print over Seams and Uneven Surfaces
::Eco-Friendly products
::Excellent for Infant and Toddler Apparel
:: Fashionable look and style, adds Value!
Remember, water base is for white and light garments, and discharge is for black and dark garments.
Please closely review the table below for the potential advantages and disadvatages of these applications.



  • Extremely Soft Print
  • Cleaner Prints over Seams, or uneven
    surfaces Eco-friendly,contains no phylates or harsh chemicals
  • Can be used on Foil applications to add color to the design
  • Good washability, long lasting
  • Creates good distress and vintage effects
  • Prints ONLY on Light/ White Garments*
  • Increase damages, extra goods should be ordered
  • Colors may appear duller, difficult for exact PMS matching
  • Design may appear different when using Multiple garment colors
  • Increased cost
  • Increased production time
  • Does not work on Dark or Black Garments*
*Note: On the above table, all items apply to discharge inks as well, for the exception of garment color, where the opposite is true for discharge.

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