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BG Concepts Specializes in Special Effect Printing

Produces Extremely Sharp Three-Dimensional Prints, creating raised surfaces that are both flexible and consistent. This should be used as an accent to your design, to make key areas pop. Large surface areas are not recommended as it will be very heavy on the shirt, and increases the chance of cracking. High square inks are completely opaque and can be used on both light and dark garments.

These are plastisol based inks, so they can be used on T-shirts, fleece goods, and blended garments. Nylon products and other synthetic materials are not recommended due to increased exposure to heat for proper curing.

This is not a puff ink.
Hi-Square ink, when printed correctly, will produce a print with an extraordinarily thick ink layer that retains sharp edges and crisp, highly detailed definition even after curing. The colors in this series are based on the standard Mix-Opake colors.

High Square inks are a great way to replicate, rubber like labels, embroidered stitching or appliques, and many other textured media.

If you would like more information on how 3D High Square inks can enhance your design,send us an e-mail with your artwork.

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