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BG Concepts Specializes in Special Effect Printing

Are ready to use inks that simulate a metal like finish without glitter or sparkles. Metallic inks are only available in Gold and Silver. Silver aka "Liquid Silver" produces a chrome like finish and is quite a bit more metal like than the gold metallic. When printed it produces a shiny finish. The gold metallic aka "Mirror Gold" is unfortunately not as brilliant or shiny as the silver, and can be best described as the gold on the 49ers helmet. It is definately not like shiny gold jewlery, but has more of a dull, fools gold appearance. Although not shiny, when used tastfully in the design, it produces a definate contrast to standard inks and can add depth and dimension to your print.

Metallic inks must be printed directly on the garment and not over colors or a white base. When printing on dark garments you can flash and reprint the metallic to improve opacity. Printing over a white base will dull out the metallic look.

If you are looking for a more dramatic metal finish that is brighter and extremely shinier, you may want to go with a Foil application or use shimmer inks.

Metallics do not have great washability, and will get duller or tarnish after each wash. For best results, you must wash inside out in cold water and hang dry garments. High heat drying will tarnish the metal look making it very dull.

If you would like more information on how Metallic Inks can enhance your design, send us an e-mail with your artwork.


Are ready to use inks and when cured have a fine glitter texture or shimmer finish. These inks have good opacity and are much brighter and brilliant when compared to regular metallic inks. Prints remain flexible and can be printed on both light and dark garments.

Available Colors:

Is far greater than standard metallic inks, they will not tarnish or dull after washing. For best care and to improve the life of the print, always wash in cold water and hang dry. Do Not Dry clean or iron printed areas.

If you would like more information on how Shimmer Inks can enhance your design, send us an e-mail with your artwork.


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