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BG Concepts Specializes in Special Effect Printing

Change colors when exposed to Sunlight or UV Rays. There are water based versions of Photochromic inks, however we currently only offer the plastisol versions. We have found these to be the most consistent and dramatic in color changing properties.
These inks are made for direct printing, and does not work when printed over a white base or other inks, so only white and light colored garment should be used.

When printed these inks are almost colorless, with a slight pale tint, when viewed indoors, but when taken outside and exposed to sunlight or UV Rays, that colorless ink quickly changes to a bright vibrant color. This enables you to create a design that appears one way when indoors, and can change dramatically when viewed outdoors.

Is improved with thicker ink layers. This product has been tested to 20 wash and dry cycles with no loss of color intensity.

CAUTION: Do Not use Chlorine bleaches when washing garments, this will destroy the photochromic effect. Also do not dry clean or iron printed areas.

The durability of these inks have been tested to withstand 10 hours of constant exposure to intense UV radiation. The ink will still cahnge color after this period but the colors will not be as bright.

AVAILABLE COLORS:(All Colors are Transparent indoors)

Other colors can be created by combining these 3 base colors, but PMS matching is not available for this product.

If you would like more information on how Photochromic inks can enhance your design, send us an e-mail with your artwork.


Change colors when exposed to body heat or other heat elements.
They DO NOT CHANGE when exposed to sunlight like Photochromics. However, much like Photochromics, the print specifications are almost identical, and should only be done on white and light garments.

For best results, prints should be located on areas that are most likely to come in contact with the body, such as Back Shoulders, Front Chest, or Under Arm areas.

Washability and durability is very similiar to Photochromics as shown above.

If you would like more information on how Thermo-Chromic inks can enhance your design, send us an e-mail with your artwork.

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