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BG Concepts Specializes in Special Effect Printing

PLASTIPUFF is an additive that is combined with plastisol ink that is formulated to cure and expand rapidly when exposed to heat. PLASTIPUFF also produces an exceptionally strong, long-lasting ink film with a high uniform finish and excellent abrasion resistance. The inks can be used on T-shirts, sweatshirts and other woven cotton and cotton/polyester garments.

The finish is matte and slightly textured. It can be combined with any plastisol ink color so for added texture to PMS mixed colors, puff is a good way to go.

Puff inks will expand in all directions when heated. Because of this it is important to try to lay the ink on top of the garment. This helps the ink puff away from the garment and not into it. Printing on a soft printing surface such as a thin pad of fleece or neoprene will improve this. 

More uniform puffing is achieved when the artwork has similar line thickness. If the design has a mixture of thin lines and heavy block areas, be sure to compensate the thin areas with an added 1-2 pixel stroke to prevent the lines from touching and closing up. On multi-color designs leave a small gap between colors to allow them to touch after puffing.

Opacity is excellent with these inks. When first printed, the print may not look as opaque as it will after it has been cured. Unlike 3D High square, puff inks leave rounded edges and detailed areas are not easily controlled, since the puff rises in all directons.

If you would like more information on how Puff inks can enhance your design, send us an e-mail with your artwork.

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